MediaFade regularly conducts interviews and webinars with talent and stakeholders in Hollywood and other film and television industries, such as the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. The goal is to share reflections, analyses, news, and insights of this ultra-competitive industry with established filmmakers and 1000s of aspirants. These talents and stakeholders include agents, producers, writers, directors, assistants, festival directors, and others as needed. Whether you are “established” or aspiring, this page has something for you!

Another factor is the rising cross-cultural and cross-continental dialogue and technology in the film and television industries. Television and film production are increasingly global with global reach and talents, voices, and stories. There is the Doha Film Institute in Qatar, Imagenation in Abu-Dhabi, and IMAX screens in Saudi Arabia and China. International talent is also permeating and “breaking into” Hollywood, such as Egyptian actor Rami Malek, Egyptian actor Rami Yousef, Jordan actor and producer Waleed Zuaiter, Jordanian director Cherien Dabis. Chinese actors are also making a splash, such as actress Michelle Yeoh and Lucy Alexis Liu, actor Ke Huy Quan, actor Jackie Chan, and others. This is also not to mention the many established Hispanic actors, actresses, and directors, such as Alejandro Innaritu, Robert Rodriguez, Emmanuel Lubezki, and many others!

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March 2024: Hollywood Producer and Unit Production Manager Robert B.– Mr. On-Budget. This is a snippet of the webinar about the “secret sauce” of producing. Robert has worked on such flms as “Return of the Jedi,” “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” and others.

Mark Sanderson, a produced screenwriter of 20+ scripts, takes viewers on the business side of the business. He outlines:


Rejection, and


Tanya B., a 5-time optioned scrip writer and doctor. She gives the DNA of a professional script.

Lee Jessup, a scriptwriting career coach, discusses the challenges and opportunities in a screenwriting career.

Adam G., a commissioning editor from a major talent agency in London, discusses producing for television.

Faisal K., a literary talent agent in Los Angeles, talks about how he can spot good writers and how writers can maximize their chance in Hollywood.

Oct. 2020: Ahmad I, Egyptian actor and voice-over talent, showcases the competencies needed for the crafts.